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Diverse Learning Environments


We create a high-quality infant environment by planning and creating spaces that support infants’ development, engagement, and overall well-being. Careful thought and planning for infants can facilitate the development of positive relationships with nurturing, responsive adults who support their learning and development. 


Our teachers incorporate developmentally appropriate practice. This means that teachers provide challenges that are not too hard or too easy—something toddlers can do with a little help. Our teachers model behaviors like sharing and apologizing so toddlers can learn by example. They give your child opportunities to try new social skills and to try doing things for themselves. Teachers encourage children and help them express their feelings in positive, healthy ways.


Our Preschool Teachers create a warm and caring environment so they can get to know each child and family well. Our Teachers help children learn how to play, work together, and make friends. We pride ourselves on helping our students prepare for Kindergarten and hold a Pre-k graduation at the end of the year!

After School

We provide transportation for all of our After School students before and after school. Our teachers help all of our students with their homework when they arrive from school and provide developmentally appropriate activities daily. We also have a Summer Camp at the end of each school year and attend multiple field trips weekly.

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